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The Last Act of Compassion

The author of warm water has been a hospice nurse for more than 10 years. In that period of time, he has had the honor and privilege to assist hundreds of patients through the dying process as well as perform the tasks associated with those patients at or just after they pass away.


An intimate bond is formed almost immediately between the patient, their caregivers, and the author.

Anne Celia-Loughlin

Compassionate, tender, and revealing.  This book is for nurses and for anyone caring for a loved one who is terminally ill. The author shows that love, compassion and a higher power help grief give way to healing, hope — and memories that sustain us

Joyce Ginsburg

Warm Water was indeed insightful. The average individual understands the term
“Hospice Nurse,” but what one doesn’t understand is the intensity of the profession. This book definitely will open the eyes of any individual who takes the time to read it  

David Schaffer

I really enjoyed this book. It gives great insight into what it takes to do hospice work as well as interesting thoughts about how various cultures deal with illness and death. A worthwhile, interesting and poignant read.

James D'Apollonia

I found Warm Water to be very moving and inspiring. Pepper Cappuccio shows there is dignity even in death.

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